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Online PDH Engineer Continuing Education Course Bundle

Course bundle including: 'Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Overview', 'Intellectual Property - Patents', 'Engineering Economics'.

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This is a bundled offer that includes three of our technical courses; GD&T Complete Overview, Intellectual Property Patents, and Engineering Economics. The GD&T class provides a comprehensive look at geometric dimensioning and tolerancing by providing a firm background of the key concept. It addresses the various modifiers, syntax, and the symbol application.

The IP-Patent class is an in-depth overview of United States patents, the types of applications, the patent process, rules, and much more. The course covers the procedures managed by the United States Patent Office (USPTO) and how American applicants should consider the international implications. The class utilizes handouts, references, and other techniques to facilitate the learning process.

The Engineering Economics course covers the principals and application associated with capital purchasing, alternative comparison, valuation, and more. Engineers will be able to apply economic concepts to mathematically justify engineering decisions. These techniques extend well beyond professional applications and will help participants make sound decisions in other aspects of their lives, such as mortgage, vehicle purchasing, and investing decisions.

You will earn sixteen (16) training hours upon conclusion of these courses.

Remember, you can stop a class and resume it later from any computer, at any time, and at the exact point where you left off. You can even purchase the course now and complete it next year.

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The goal of the GD&T Overview is to cover the fundamental GD&T concepts and to learn how to apply the most commonly used symbols.

The objective of IP class is to familiarize you with the concept of patents, review the various types of patents, and discuss their applications for professionals who are not a patent attorney.

The objective of the Engineering Economics course is to enable the participant to properly apply the principals and formulas associated with engineering economics. Specific learning objectives can be seen by looking at the sample images below.

Sample Images:


     Self-Paced Interactive Slideshow and Attachment Style



Price: $197.1

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