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Some classes being developed.

  • Solar Electricity Basics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Six Sigma Define 2
  • IP Trademarks & Copyrights
  • Lean Manufacturing

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Continuing Education Class Creation Benefits

  • Earn up to 50% of the net PDH revenue for your course sales each quarter.
  • Receive an online continuing education teaching certificate at no cost, which may count towards your engineering requirements.
  • You will automatically be entered into any 'Instructor or Teacher' incentive offers. For example, we may offer an annual prize for the course resulting in the greatest net revenue, etc.
  • Engineers enhance their professional standing by demonstrating expertise.

Online PDH Course Creation Guideline

  • General, cross-discipline, technical topics appeal to the widest audience.
  • You, as an engineer, may create your own original continuing education material relating to the subject or use information in the public domain. You may also use widely available publication/text.
  • Course must be unique, in some way, from the other courses on our system.
  • Create electronic slideshow presentation in any format or simply send us a Word document.
  • Include an agenda slide or two to outline the class.
  • Specifically state the course objective clearly and include any learning objectives.
  • You are encouraged to include image and/or videos for each slide to help augment the learning experience.
  • Images should be 225 pixels by 225 pixels, or larger, and can be in common formats including PNG, JPG, and GIF files.
  • Video files should be relatively short and correspond with the slide content.
  • Most video formats are accepted but FLV videos are encouraged.
  • You may reference other online course content via URL links and have the student perform offline work via attached handouts and worksheets.
  • We have collapsible bullets that enable the teacher to pose a question and have the answer hidden. That is, the parent bullet can be shown while the sub bullet(s) are hidden until the student clicks on the parent bullet.
  • You should develop about 2-3 learning objectives for each PDH hour offered in the course.
  • Handouts and worksheets should be created to help augment the course and even be a useful tool for the user in their professional practice.
  • Quiz questions also need to be developed. The instructor should create at least 7 questions for the first PDH hour and 5 questions for each subsequent training hour.
  • Questions can be either Multiple Choice or True / False and the submission must include an answer key.
  • Multiple-choice questions must detail the correct answer and five (5) incorrect answers.
  • An explanation of the answer should be included with each question. This is sent to the user after each quiz.
  • You will also need to send us a resume or biography outlining your qualifications and/or experience.

Online Continuing Education Creation Steps

  1. Send us an online note at our Contact Us. page expressing your interest and include your resume or bio and course subject.
  2. We will email you a detailed PDH continuing education guide to help you generate a more popular course.
  3. Follow the guide, create your course and email the material back to us.
  4. Earn an immediate teaching certificate when your course goes live.
  5. Earn payments from the sale of your course(s).


Create a course and earn revenue.

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