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Concrete Pavement Subgrade Performance

Engineer's, here is our online continuing education course which reviews the Army Corps of Engineers study of concrete pavement subgrade performance. You will earn 6 PDH training hours upon conclusion of this course.

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Since the mid-1960s, pavement researchers have been refining mechanisti- cally based design methods. While the mechanics of layered systems are well developed, there remains much work to be done in the areas of material charac- terization and failure criteria. With respect to asphalt concrete pavements, the current failure criteria used are the horizontal tensile strain at the bottom of the asphalt concrete layer and the vertical strain at the top of the subgrade layer.

While test methods and failure criteria for predicting fatigue cracking are maturing, there has been very little effort placed on the refinement of the subgrade failure criteria. The devel- opment of the current subgrade failure criteria, which limits the amount of verti- cal strain on top of the subgrade, is based primarily on limited data from the AASHO Road Test.

Engineer Learning Objectives:

  • Understand ASHO road test and design
  • Knowledge of pavement testing methodology
  • Soil selection criteria
  • Understand frost effects
  • Background in test sections and stress distribution
  • Knowledge of finite element methodology and model
  • Know characterization of the FERF test sections
  • Understand instumentation
  • Background of data acquisition system
  • Working knowledge of data analysis and model development

This is a handout style PDH class that comprehensively reviews the pavement subgrade study.

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