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Design Of Small Water Systems

Engineer's, here is our online continuing education course which reviews the Army Corps of Engineers EM 1110-2-503 guidelines for the design of small water systems. You will earn four PDH training hours upon conclusion of this course.

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This course provides guidance and criteria for the design of small water supply, treatment, and distribution systems. For the purpose of this manual, small water systems shall be those having average daily design flow rates of 380,000 liters per day (100 000 gallons per day) or less.

This course provides information of interest to planners and designers of small water systems. Such systems generally cannot benefit from economies of scale, and proper management and operation are critical to produce satisfactory finished water quality. The major emphasis of this manual is on the design of systems that will be effective and reliable, requiring a level of operation and management activity commensurate with their physical size and the available sources.

Engineer Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the various agencies are involved in a water project
  • Understand how to plan and design a small water system
  • Learn about water quality requirements
  • Learn of the various considerations relating to water quantity
  • Able to estimate or calculate the water quantity requirement
  • Knowledge of water sources
  • Learn principals behind water treatment
  • Learn basics of water pumping, storage, and distribution

This is a handout style PDH class that comprehensively reviews the Corps of Engineers specification for small water systems

Engineer Rating:

Engineering PDH Course Rating 4.9

Online Format:

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