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Engineering Economics

Engineer's, this engineering economics course will help any professional who needs to understand how to quantify project costs, benefits, and more. The engineer will be able to mathematically identify superior alternatives, calculate break-even points, allot for taxes, depreciation, salvage values, and virtually every potential project scenario. This class walks the student through the fundamentals of engineering economics and the relevant topics so the principals can be immediately applied to his/her professional life. The course includes helpful software, tables and examples. The software can be utilized in real-world projects.

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Engineering Economics Learning Objectives:

The general objective of this course is to enable the participant to properly apply the principals and formulas associated with engineering economics. Specific learning objectives can be seen by looking at the sample images below.

  • Ability to draw engineering cash flow diagrams
  • Ability to correctly structure formulas from the cash flow diagram
  • Ability to properly lookup Engineering Economic factors
  • Ability to calculate equivalences
  • Ability to identify and convert cash flow items
  • Ability to compare alternatives with the appropriate method
  • Ability to refine model via period, tax, and rate changes
  • Ability to apply depreciation principals properly
  • Ability to apply probability principal
  • Ability to calculate the economic life
  • Ability to calculate the basic project break-even point

This is an attachment style class that enables the student to read and print the developed material offline.

Handouts include the Course Material itself, a useful spreadsheet, which may be used for real-life projects, and a quiz review handout, which can help prepare the student for the short culminating quiz.

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