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Geothermal Technology Protocol for Addressing Induced Seismicity

Engineer's, here is our online continuing education course material from the US Department of Energy (DOE) regarding geothermal technologies program and the protocol for addressing induced seismicity associated with enhanced geothermal systems. You will earn 4 PDH continuing education training hour upon conclusion of the CEU Leaf quiz.

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Geothermal energy is a viable form of alternative energy that is expected to grow significantly in the near and long term. The energy estimated from hydrothermal systems is large, but the total supply from geothermal systems has the potential to become orders of magnitude larger if the energy from geothermal systems can be enhanced, i.e. through Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). EGS is defined as any activities that are undertaken to increase the permeability in a targeted subsurface volume via injecting and withdrawing fluids into and from the rock formations that are intended to result in an increased ability to extract energy from a subsurface heat source.

Historically, induced seismicity has occurred in many different energy and industrial applications (reservoir impoundment, mining, construction, waste disposal, and oil and gas production). Although certain projects have stopped because of induced seismicity issues, proper study and engineering controls have always been applied to enable the safe and economic implementation of these technologies.

Engineer Learning Objectives:

  • Undestand how to perform a preliminary screening or evaluation
  • Know how to implement an outreach and communication program
  • Learn how to review and select criteria for ground vibration and noise
  • Learn about establishing local seismic monitoring
  • Know how to quantify the hazard from natural and induced seismic events
  • Ability to characterize the risk of induced seismic events
  • Learn how to develop a risk-based mitigation plan

This is a video and handout style continuing education PDH class that comprehensively reviews the publication.

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