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Erosion Sediment and Stormwater Runoff Control

Engineer's, here is our online continuing education course material regarding erosion sediment and stormwater runnof control. You will earn 5 PDH continuing education training hour upon conclusion of the CEU Leaf quiz.

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The major problem associated with erosion on a construction site is the movement of soil off the site and its consequent pollution of receiving rivers, streams and lakes. In Missouri 70 to 90 percent of the eroded soil (sediment) that reaches any type of channel is trans- ported to the states water resources.

The purpose of an erosion and sedimentation control plan is to de- fine and schedule the control measures that will be used to minimize erosion, detain excess stormwater runoff and prevent off-site sedi- mentation.

Engineer Learning Objectives:

  • Understand types of erosion
  • Knowledge of factors that influence water erosion
  • Techniques for controlling erosion
  • How to develop an erosion and sedimentation control plan
  • Learn how to permanently divert runoff
  • Understand various construction techniques to control erosion

This is a handout style continuing education PDH class that comprehensively reviews the publication.

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