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Maryland Professional Engineer Continuing Education Summary

Engineer Requirements Summary

CEU Leaf has developed PDH courses with a stand-alone purpose and a clearly stated duration. Our continuing education course material is designed to maintain and enhance the professional engineer (PE) and professional surveyor (PS).

PDH Hours Required

24 hours, biennial

Renewal Date(s)

The renewal deadline is based upon the birth date of the licensee.

Online Courses Accepted


Max Online Hours Allowed


Carryover Hours Allowed


Pre-Approval Required


Pre-Approval Notes

Maryland requests pre-approval from course sponsors for PDH hours. CEU Leaf, LLC is APPROVED in MD. You may earn all your hours with us!

Proof of Completion

CEU Leaf Certificate

Continuing Education Renewal Notes:

MD recognizes Category A (CA) and Category B (CB) courses. CA courses focus on technical areas, laws, and ethics. CB courses relate to business or government administration, communication, management and other similar skills. A minimum of of 18 CA hours are required for renewal. A MAXIMUM of 6 CB hours are allowed. A professional is not required to earn any CB hours. See MD website for further detail.

What PDH Subjects Qualify:

Structured educational programs, such as CEU Leaf's system, that presents engineering related material by a pre-approved provider with a stated purpose and duration.

What Does Not Qualify:

Non qualifying activities identified by the board are a) regular employment or being an expert witness; b) marketing, business development or sales; c) equipment demonstrations or trade shows; d) time management techniques and strategies; e) computer aided drafting; f) repetitive attendance of the same course without substantial modifications; g) attending committee meetings or general business meetings; h) personal conversational language course; i) executive coaching; j) basic computer software; and, k) any topics not relevant to engineering practice.

State Contact Information:


(410) 230-6260
(410) 333-0021

Page Updated: April 18, 2014


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"Your concept of 'online' PE courses is both a timely and reasonably priced alternative. I wish I'd found CEU Leaf years ago."

David G. Gardner, P.E.

SVP (retired), Everett Prescott, Inc.

Gardiner, ME

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