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Teach An Online Engineering PDH Class

Earn Money and PDH Credits

Create an online continuing education class and we will pay you a large portion of the sales revenue from your course(s) each quarter. Checks will be sent to you on, or about, the 15th of the month following the calendar quarter. The CEU Leaf system can accommodate PDF/Word courses, slideshows, and/or video courses. You can also combine any of the formats.

The online engineering PDH teaching process is as easy as creating a presentation or document and sending it to us. We will review the content and integrate your slides into our online system. Once completed, the course will be offered to the public.

If you want to produce an online attachment style PDH course, just create the material in MS Word and send us the document or pdf file(s). We will also email you course guides to make it easier.

Benefits of Being an Online PDH Course Instructor:

  • Earn a large portion of the net revenue for your continuing education classes when they are sold on our site.
  • We will issue you a teaching certificate at no cost, which may count towards your developmental requirements.
  • Enhance your professional standing by demonstrating your expertise.
  • You will automatically be entered into any “Instructor or Teacher” incentive offers. For example, we may offer an annual prize for the course resulting in the greatest net revenue, etc.

Continuing Education PDH Creation

  • Or reach out via our Contact-Us page.
  • Review our PDH course creation guidlines here.
  • We will email you a course creation guide and any related teaching documentation. The guide will walk you though the specifics of class creation such as the slide format options.
  • Create your presentation and email it to us. Many instructors use PowerPoint but MS Word works fine since we transpose your textual content directly into our proprietary system.
  • We will then review the content, convert the format, publish the slides, and market the course.
  • Each quarter, we will send you a check or EFT for your portion of the resulting revenue generated by your course(s).